Im in so much pain right now.

My gut is telling me to write testomany tomorrow I declare myself fit for work . my atos assesment failed as I was still mobile at attendance.

The only thing I care about is my child if this is my treatment then what for her ?

The rueling classes are out of control AGAIN but like france russia who really dose have the power 

Biggest myth among the poor

one of the biggest myth’s within society is ” it makes no difference who’s in power . Maybe thatchers monster party might well actually get us as politically aware as our for fathers because without there passiin in democracy we my friends wouldnt of even had a thought in our heads about welfare state or humanity…please use your vote x

ethics a doctor named victor frankl

Mans search for meaning

Today is 2014 this question of meaning as old probably as our race, but never before had i deeply understood the answer as i did from this guy.

Today is change global change , maybe not in favour of individulism more collective and inhumane , but this man has a way of telling me a knowing of my race humanity real humainity will survive sience diminishes man , never collectively group humanity for an answer if man was that simple we wouldnt be smart enough to ask.

humanity well that can be found in the most peril terains .

testomany standing wittness

for if any man has a why to any given circumstance then he has a how … how to survive a meaning a cause.

we will survive we will stand witness to the greed and hatered and we will prevail .